Plums Festival

PLUMS fest means a platform, community and a festival of discoveries in the field of audiovisual, interdisciplinary and multimedia arts. We are checking the changes happening with the arts and society in the information age and clashing the new digital culture artefacts together with the traditional forms of art. We are interested in both – the new aesthetic and critical and socio-political discourse which is born within the realms of digital age.  We are bringing to the broad public different kinds of new media art experiments which are appearing in the field of intersection between technologies, art and curiosity.

The festival shows the neatly selected projects in the form of a/v performance, new media art installations, live video performance and electronic music. We also organise workshops, lectures and educational events.

Plums Fest is a one of the pioneer events of its kind in Moscow (and in Russia), it was founded in 2008 by Anna Titovets (media artist, curator, culture historian)  and Kirill Markushin (artist, architect, musician) as an official part of the so called Moscow Museums’ Night in the Artplay Design Center.

Throughout 2008-2017 Plums Fest has hold 7 successful editions of the festival, curated several exhibitions and numerous educational events.

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Previous editions

Plums 6. Поверхность контакта// 2014. Музей Москвы

Plums 5: Points of Interest / Точки Интереса 2013

Plums 4_Shift 2012

Plums T(h)ree 2011

Plums Jam 2010

Plums Fest 2008